6 Spectacular Kids Activities You Should Try With Your Little Ones In Singapore

December 24, 2021
Team Building Games Singapore
Kids Activities
Kids Activities

Kids Activities

Are you looking for activities for children in Singapore? This list of Team Building Activities for Kids in Singapore should come in useful. We try to find things to do that will keep kids active while still remaining within a budget, since we understand how much youngsters like being creative and curious! We've collated a list of some awesome Team Building Singapore Activities suitable for Kids to enjoy.

1. Virtual Leather Making

Another Virtual Team Building Singapore idea is to acquire a new talent through this training. For leather fans, the Fun Empire developed Virtual Leather Making. Each participant would receive a DIY Kit before the live virtual session began. Parents will be able to create two leather goods with their youngsters at the conclusion of the online team-building activity. This may be an entertaining method for remote teams to unwind and bond with their kids.

2. Virtual Party Mania

The Fun Empire developed the Virtual Party Mania to connect disparate party games! The goal of the virtual team-building activity is for teams to collaborate and complete a virtual team-building challenge with their children. Employee remote workers may now participate in this online group building session from anywhere in the world, which they can do with their children.

As a result, attending one of these Virtual Party Mania sessions will be a completely new and exciting experience for you. Participants can anticipate games such as "Guess the Song," "Scavenger Hunt," and a unique game that is jam-packed with joy throughout this occasion!

3. Virtual Art Jamming

The Fun Empire has created a number of Virtual Team Building Singapore for remote workers to enjoy an online team-building experience. The Virtual Art Jamming on Canvas is one of their activities, which is an online canvas art jamming. On the day of the virtual session, each participant will receive things for the virtual workshop through regular mail.

Painting on canvas is a wonderful way for everyone to show their creativity. It's up to you and your creative self-expression in this regard. Art Jamming is an excellent method for kids to get involved because they can dive right in and offer their artistic input.

4. Virtual Terrarium Making Workshop

The Virtual Fun Empire also has a virtual terrarium-making workshop, in which users may collaborate to create their own terrariums over video conferencing. It will also help people get along better, which is certainly an advantage right now. Because we have less face time with friends and coworkers, having a time like this would be quite beneficial. Terrariums are wonderful since they require little upkeep and may be decorated by your children as well.

5. Curse of the Werewolf

Creating a fictitious plan with your virtual staff may appear to be an excellent method to bring them together. Players take on the persona of village chieftains' descendants in this online escape room and must break the spell that has been cast over their town. It's critical that they collaborate and communicate effectively in order to come up with a solution and complete the project on time.

6. Virtual Food Quest

The Virtual Food Quest is a food-themed team bonding activity that will help you learn more about different cuisines.

In this game, you'll discover about different cultures' cuisines while progressing your way across the game. To help your team succeed, this game will showcase interactive quizzes and riddles. You must also gather as many secret ingredients as possible before guessing which ultimate dish they belong to. This makes it a fun and easy-going game to enjoy with your kids.

Kids Activities

Finding the most fun Team Building Singapore activities for children at a affordable price might be difficult. We've collated a list of 6 Team Building Activities for Kids in Singapore as a guide for you! We are sure your little ones will have a blast! If you are keen in hosting one of these events, do get into contact with us!

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