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We offer the world's most fun and unique team building games and workshops! Our team building games and workshops are suitable for any corporate requirement, group size, budget and team building objectives!

Convenient Locations

Our venues are located across Singapore within walking distance of MRT stations. We provide both outdoor and fully air-conditioned private venues.

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Professionally trained facilitators with our proprietary ASEA™ Quality Training Management System (ISO 9001 Certified) to ensure the best Team Building experience for you.

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virtual escape room singapore

Virtual Escape Room Singapore

Award-Winning Virtual Escape Room Experience At Affordable Prices


Recommended Group Size: 2 Pax To Unlimited


Fully Guided Experience By Our Professional Facilitators


Suitable For Both Kids & Adults


We offer 10 different Virtual Escape Room themes, all conducted over video conferencing platforms (e.g. Zoom, Google Meets). Distances and geography are no longer a problem!

Proprietary And Award-Winning Virtual Escape Room Experience. No more comparing of multiple quotes. We offer the best value Virtual Escape Room Experience starting from $20/Pax.

We Aim To Provide A Stress-Free, One-Stop Virtual Escape Room Singapore Experience That Caters To All Your Events' Needs. We've got you covered.

Benefits Of Virtual Escape Room

Team Work

Virtual Escape Room Singapore requires teams to work together towards a common objective. Participants have to race against the clock to complete the Virtual Escape Rooms. The only way to successfully complete the Escape Room requires the team to strategise, plan and assign leadership and other roles according to one another's strengths and weaknesses.​


With challenging clues scattered all around our proprietary Virtual Escape Room Singapore platform, teams will need to constantly communicate with one another to share insights and propose solutions. It requires tremendous amount of coordination and communication skills to complete the Virtual Escape Rooms.​

Problem Solving

Our intriguing storyline and thought provoking puzzles would require teams to think out of the box to solve the Virtual Escape Rooms. Participants would have to draw on their diverse skills and experiences to solve the challenging clues in the Escape Room. Not to worry, our professional facilitators are there to guide you along should you need some extra hints!​

Raving Reviews From Clients

Over 3000+ 5-Star Customer Reviews On Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp

Team Building Games
Based on 4441 reviews
Aw Janet
Facilitator Isaac is easy going and humorous. We have a good time for our team building.
Irene Sari Indrawati
Isaac is good facilitator. We are having fun for our laser tag team building activity. Tired yet refreshing
San San Ng
Kurt, Cindy, Luqman and Ginny just organized a laser tag activity for our floorball team at our school’s multi purpose hall and it went really well. Our 13-18 year old students enjoyed themselves a lot and had fun getting to know one another better during this fast-paced game which required some strategizing. Thank you for a wonderful time!
Wei Shing Jimmy Ho
Fun team building activity!!! Coach Rebecca was great !
Tracy Yeo
Had fun this afternoon having our team building here . Celest and Jared are helpful and clear in explaining the game . Will encourage for team bonding activity here , is simple yet fun !
Jun Hao Kew
Fun place to go for team building. Thanks to Gared and Celest for the coordination.
Azhar Muhammad
Great experience to try together as a team. Luckily we had a genius with us who helped solve the difficult puzzles.Cindy and Vera were very helpful and friendly facilitators, guiding us clearly along the way!
Nick Guan
Good for team Building have fun there
Tianyuan Yang
Prompt process from inquiry to finalising the choice of event.
Julia was helpful when I sought more information about gel candle making and gave good advice about adding number of figurines that is just right for the jar.
Celia, our facilitator was informative and helpful during the event. She did a fantastic job to build rapport with my team and always ready to give a helping hand!
My team totally enjoyed the session and the creations made.
Thank you The Fun Empire!
Pascal-Nicole Van Der Gracht
First time I using for team building event and it was just perfect good location and well maintained equipment - institution where done in a fun and clear way - highly recommended
Chin Sau Ho
Overall, experience was good and our team had great fun. Minor problem with the food as what we ordered didn’t arrive but at least it was corrected later.
Patricia Lau
A group of 22 of us engaged The Fun Empire for the saber tag game. WE ALL HAD SO MUCH FUN! The facilitator Damian is also very humorous and he really hyped up the whole event! The game play was well organised and every team gets to challenge each other! Would definitely recommend The Fun Empire if you want to have a good team bonding session!
Toran Seth
Had a group team building activity at the fun empire! Overall, had a great time. Would do it again! :)
Mavis Ng
Hassle free team bonding activity with reasonable package rate
Veera Basappa
We did combat archery with Fun Empire, it was a wonderful time we had, lots of fun, very good team activity with more physically involved and its reasonable price.
Nice and humble staff. Thank you Damian, for facilitating us.
Vincent Foo
We just had our team building. The games we picked was fun and challenging. I would like to give credit to the head facilitator Damian and his team.
Good team building game!
Jane Jane
My Company Montblanc had a great time with Fun Empire last week. The activities were fun, creative and engaging. Our team leaders had a great bonding session and the company values were well delivered through the facilitation. Special thanks to Damien and Julia who made such arrangements for us.
Wayne Chio Wen Yong
tried saberfit with my team. awesome experience and great workout session :)
Kristy Swee
We had department team building event today. Played the combat archery, outdoor escape puzzle and bowling. The activities were well-balanced competitively in terms of physical, intellectual and relaxation fun. All of us had fun playing the different activities despite various age ranges. Sufficient rest was taken into account during physical play. The main facilitators Charmine and Kai Xiang, together with their colleagues were very friendly, accommodating and detailed in their explanation.
Soo Wei Jian
Had my department team bonding today, doing combat archery, had extremely friendly and helpful facilitators Elijah and Clarrisa. The team had fun thorough the event.
Grace Gan
The activity is fun though it is the first time my team n 1 did it
Matilda Justine Ng
Was given a task to organise a team bonding session for my company and I chanced upon TFE. Not sure what we were expecting when we arrived but surely it did not disappoint. We played saber tag, bumper bump and combat archery. Tiring as hell but we couldn’t be more satisfied. Facilitator Damian was hilarious and attentive, making the games really enjoyable and fun. Buffet food was delicious as well. Highly recommended! 👌🏼
Cassie Liew
we had chosen terrarium for team bonding activity & it turn out to be fun & educational ..Well done, fun empire & thanks to Celia & team who had been so patient & tried to make science & plant to be real interesting !

We Have Worked With A Diverse Range Of Clients Of All Ages To Organise The Best Team Building Experience. Here Is A Small Selection Of The Clients That Has Chosen The Fun Empire On A Daily Basis.

Featured Virtual Escape Room Themes

Exciting Mysteries Designed By Our In-House Experts With 30+ Years Experience


In a small ancient village, mysterious werewolves hide in the dark, attacking innocent villagers at nightfall. Many have fallen and the town was never at peace. People feared everything - from the dark, the attacks and worst of all, the unknown. As descendants of the Village Chief, it is your duty to lift this curse and save your village. Are you up to the task?


A thrilling escape room experience based on Squid Game. After witnessing the inhumane treatment of participants at the hands of the game organisers, you have made up your mind to escape and expose the whole operation to the police. Solve exciting clues and puzzles with your team as you try to find the hidden escape route! Will you escape successfully?


“Save us Queen..” The haunting whispers echoed in your dreams. For days you had been trying to ignore the frail old man who had hijacked your peaceful slumber. The curse has followed you through times, and memories of your past life are coming back in bits and pieces. Right the wrong and save your kingdom. The lives of many are in your hands.


Is Time Travel possible? According to your eccentric uncle, Dr Huber, it is! He has invited you to his mansion to witness his Time Travel Machine in action as he wants to hand the patent for the machine over to you. But first, you need to prove yourself by using the time machine to travel across time to find him and complete certain objectives! Time is of the essence!


Pull off Ben's Big Heist with your teammates! Your team has found a blueprint of the bank with some notes written on it. Using that to help you, you and your team will need to crack vaults, fill up the loot bags, and escape - all before the police catch you! The vaults will become harder to crack as you progress - are you ready for the challenge?


Police have just received a phone call from someone threatening to blow up the city. It's down to you and your team to become the ultimate detectives and stop this from happening! Work together in this thrilling mission to eliminate the threat! This is the ultimate online escape room experience! Hurry - you don't have much time! The clock is already ticking....


Ouch, the headache!
Jack woke up with a terrible hangover and can't remember anything from the night before! What happened last night? Work together with your team to help Jack out. Check the hotel room, head to the casino, and help Jack figure out what happened. But hurry - Jack needs to get on his flight soon!


We have just received a distress signal from Louis, a botanist who is stuck on a secluded island. Captain Roger is currently on this rescue mission and we need your team to help him bring Louis back safely with his valuable research. We have lost all forms of communication with Louis and time is running out as a cyclone is about to destroy the island. Expect the unexpected!

Virtual Escape Room Packages

The Best Virtual Escape Room Experience!

virtual escape room singapore

Virtual Escape Room

Duration: 1 Hour Gameplay + 30 mins set up & de-brief

Minimum Pax: 2 Pax - Unlimited Pax

Instructors: Professional Live Facilitation Included
Flexible Event Time Slots: Select From A Wide Range Of Dates & Timings
Benefits: Team Work, Communications, Bonding

100% Online: Perfect for Working From Home, Remote Teams
Add-Ons: Customisable Corporate Gifts, Catering Delivery etc
virtual escape room

Customisable Escape Room Experience

Looking to customise your very own virtual escape experience for your corporate or school? Contact us for more information!

Simple And Fast Booking Process

We Are A One-Stop Team Building Games Provider. Our Friendly Event Experts Can Help You Plan The Most FUN And EPIC TEAM BONDING EVENT Ever.

Hand Crafted By Our Team

Our Team Building Experiences Are Handcrafted With Passion By Our Team Of In-House Experts Who Has Over 10 Years Of Experience Creating Unique Team Building Concepts.

Event Requirements

Fill Up The Form On Our Website Or Give Us A Call / Whatsapp With Your Event Details And Requirements (Event Date, Number Of Pax, Event Location Or Any Add-Ons)

Quotation Within 24 Hours

Our Friendly Team Building consultants will reach out to you and send you a free quotation within 24 hours. We accept various modes of payment including Gebiz,. Vendors @ SG, PayNow, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit Cards & Cheques.

Event Day

Get Ready For An Exciting & Awesome Team Building Experience That Is Highly Memorable!

Are You Ready For The Most Epic Team Building Experience?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms are scenario-based, mystery solving experiences that involves working in teams to gather clues, and solve the mystery all within a limited period. Our Escape Rooms are specially designed to help you and your team bond through the immersive escape room puzzles.

What is a Virtual Escape Room / Online Escape Room experience?

Virtual Escape Room (or Virtual Escape Puzzle) is an exciting scenario-based, mystery solving experience conducted virtually. Virtual Escape Rooms involve working in teams to gather clues, connect the dots and achieve the game objective under time pressure. Virtual Escape Rooms are the ultimate test of one’s wit, attentiveness to details and communication skills. In the Virtual Escape Rooms, players will have to work with their team members to overcome challenges and puzzles, in order to unlock secrets and complete the storyline found in the virtual escape games. You will definitely feel a sense of great accomplishment should you and your team be able to complete the Online Escape Room Puzzles effectively within the designated time given and emerge victorious. Not to mention, the Virtual Escape Room is a great virtual team building activity!

How is Virtual Escape Room Experience conducted by FunEmpire?

We have recently launched Singapore’s very first Virtual Escape Room, so that we can bring the Escape Rooms to you, wherever you are! This makes our Virtual Escape Room the perfect Virtual Team Building Activity among remote teams, as well as people who are working from home. The Online Escape Rooms would be conducted over video conferencing platforms (e.g. Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, etc.), with professional facilitation by our trained instructors. They will bring you and your team into our virtual Escape Rooms that is specially built for you to experience this activity online. For more information on our Virtual Escape Rooms, do contact our friendly events consultant, and we will be able to help you with your queries.

What different themes do you offer for your Virtual Escape Rooms?

We offer over 10 Online Escape Room themes for you to choose from. Each Online Escape Room is carefully designed with innovative mechanics and clues. Ranging from hunting werewolves to traveling through time and even a virtual amazing race, our Online Escape Rooms are the best virtual escape games around if you are looking for an Online Escape Room for your next Virtual Team Building Activity.

How many participants can participate in a Virtual Escape Room?

For our Virtual Escape Room (or Online Escape Room), all you need is 2 people to start! Our Virtual Escape Room can also accommodate up to unlimited amount of people. We will split you into teams for the Virtual Escape Room experience depending on your group size and different teams can compete against each other to be the fastest to complete the Online Escape Rooms.

How long is each Virtual Escape Room Experience?

Each Virtual Escape Room Game experience typically lasts 1.5 hours, which includes game-play, a short briefing at the start and a short debrief at the end. If you have any specific requests regarding the duration of the Virtual Escape Room, contact us and we'd be happy to help!

Is Virtual Escape Room. suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is suitable for everyone! We would recommend players to be at least the age of 10 and up to be able to solve the puzzles in our Virtual Escape Rooms effectively. We also have a Virtual Escape Room kids version that is suitable for ages 7 and up! If you have a custom request for Online Escape Room puzzles, do reach out to us and we can customise an Online Escape Room session for you!

Do you offer Virtual Escape Room for kids?

Yes, we offer affordable Virtual Escape Room packages for kids! We have a special kids Escape Room that is suitable for children ages 7 and up! Our Virtual Escape Rooms packages start from only $20/pax. We offer packages for birthday parties, family events and carnivals too. Do contact us for more details.

How many days must I confirm my booking in advance for Virtual Escape Room?

You would need to confirm your booking for your Virtual Escape Room session with us at least 3 working days in advance for us to make the necessary arrangements for your Virtual Escape Room event. Should you have an urgent request for your Virtual Escape Room, do call us at +65 6515 4146 or email us at Our friendly Escape Rooms event consultants will be happy to help you with your Virtual Escape Room session booking.

Can I make a last minute booking for Virtual Escape Room?

We will do our very best to try and accommodate your booking requests for Virtual Escape Room Singapore. Please call us at +65 6515 4146 or email us at Our friendly Escape Room event consultants will be happy to help you with your last-minute Virtual Escape Room session booking.

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