7 Unique Online Escape Rooms To Try

November 15, 2021
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Escape Room Online
Escape Room Online

Escape Room Online

The exciting and unique experience of an Escape Room is available now through the Virtual Escape Room mode, which is a brand-new form of game that has taken the world by storm. Players solve puzzles to progress out of their escape room. This may sound frightening, but with modern technology, a Virtual Escape Room's distinctive experience is great for individuals who want a challenge. We hope that this article will inspire you to have a Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience!

In this article, we are going to introduce the 7 Unique Online Escape Rooms To Try.

1. Curse of the Werewolf

It's a fantastic approach to bring your online staff together by engaging on a dark narrative storyline. In this online escape room, players assume the role of village leader's descendants and must lift a spell put upon the town. They must work as a team and communicate effectively in order to overcome the deadline and find a solution to break the curse!

2. Virtual Amazing Race

Singapore is the first and only nation where the Fun Empire has created a Virtual Amazing Race Experience. We've developed our own cutting-edge online platform to provide players with an entirely immersive virtual world that they can be fully immersed in. With an exciting plot, you can race across the planet with your team investigating 360° real-interactive puzzles to complete the game.

The Virtual Amazing Race is an online game that allows you to explore distant locations across the world from the comfort of your own home. In this escape room, focus, critical thinking, and collaboration will all be required, making it one of the most engaging team-building activities!

3. Virtual Gold Heist

Our team has located a blueprint of the bank with some notes written on it. Using that to assist you, your team will need to crack vaults, fill up loot bags and escape - all before the cops catch you! This game is sure to become your team's favorite pastime! WARNING: In later phases of this escape room puzzle, "vaults" will be more difficult to unlock!

4. Virtual Time Travel

If solving challenging puzzles and having a fun adventure appeals to you, this is the escape room you wouldn't want to miss!

Find misplaced objects like treasure chests (which you'll use an hourglass to open) that move you across time zones in this exciting virtual escape game for adults. Solve brain teasers to complete all of your objectives within n a set period of time while bonding with your group! This is an online escape game that will put your skills and brains to the test.

5. Virtual Travel Experience

You'll have a thrilling adventure while exploring Singapore with this Virtual Escape Room, Virtual Amazing Race, and 360-degree live engaging clues. Overcoming other remote teams needs mental concentration, strategy, and teamwork.

This is a cool online escape room that you would not want to miss out on!

6. Virtual Time's Ticking

Virtual Time's Ticking is another fun online escape room theme for your bonding events that you should consider.

You received the news that someone is planning to blow up the city over the phone. You and your team must come together to discover who is responsible before it's too late, or thousands of people will lose their lives. There isn't much time left! Keep your eyes on the target- the city is in your hands.

7. Virtual Food Quest

Go on quests with your friends, utilizing your talents to think outside the box and communicate effectively while competing against the clock to be the greatest foodie team! The Virtual Food Quest from The Fun Empire is a brand-new game that will give you and your pals great entertainment.

The Virtual Food Quest is an innovative method to bring people together despite geographic or cultural barriers. Working together using food and creativity can help a team achieve better communication, productivity, chemistry, and trust via the online escape room.

Escape Room Online

We've arrived at the conclusion of this essay, and we hope you have a greater understanding of escape rooms after reading it.

We have discussed some Virtual Escape Room themes you should consider for your team! If you are interested in any, do contact with us! We would be happy to provide you the best Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience!

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