What to Do in Singapore for Team Building

July 30, 2021
Team Building Games Singapore

What to Do in Singapore

Team Building can help you build trust and have fun with your friends. If you are lost as to what to do in Singapore for Team Building, you've come to the right article! To find the one that fits your needs, you will need to know what each game or activity entails. This article will cover the most popular team building activities to fill up your 'What to do in Singapore' list and provide an overview of how they work.

1) Virtual Travel Experience

Icons of Singapore-What to Do in Singapore

The Fun Empire offers team bonding activities at an affordable rate, one such game is the Virtual Travel Experience! Work together in teams to solve interactive puzzles while learning more about Singapore's history. In just one game, get to experience the different activities - Match the Picture, Virtual Tour, Escape Room, all in one game. The Fun Empire has spent a lot of time creating this innovative virtual team building activity. Try this if you can't decide what to do in Singapore and get the best of all worlds!

2) Hybrid Amazing Race

Hybrid Amazing Race - What to Do in Singapore

Newly released, the Hybrid Amazing Race is a cool team building game combining virtual and physical puzzles. Having the facilitator online saves your team lots of time from needing to look for him/her when in need of hints since the facilitator can be reached with a single button. Explore Singapore's heritage and don't forget to admire the landmarks and the scenery as you travel through Chinatown.

3) Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual team building is now among one of the top items on 'What to do in Singapore for Team Building' for companies. In need of some virtual team building ideas? The Virtual Amazing Race is similar to the team building activity above but is played in the comforts of your home! Travel around the globe and find the answer in foreign museums and complete the storyline. For such team bonding activities, remote teams are welcome - people from around the world can access the same site!

4) Virtual Leather Workshop

Take part in our Virtual Leather Making Workshop! Design and craft your own coin pouch and keychain from home. The materials are delivered straight to your door before the private virtual event so you won't even have to step out of the house for collection. Throughout your Virtual Leather Making experience, a professional will guide you through each instruction step-by-step. Along the way, you will also learn about different types of leather and proper care for your finished objects.

5) Virtual Art Jamming

Art Jamming - What to Do in Singapore

Introducing one of the many relaxing virtual team building activities - Art jamming - a soothing and fulfilling painting session among the famous 'What to do in Singapore' list. Get your creative juices flowing and let loose at this art jamming session. Participants are invited to chat while taking a guided workshop exploring basic colour theory.

6) Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room - What to Do in Singapore

Another good virtual team building game is Virtual Escape Room. Combine your skills to solve intricate puzzles and complete amazing storylines. Joint challenges are an excellent way to plan for team cohesion without adding the stress of physical distance on your company's staff! For effective team-building, online games that can be played in more than one location are the ideal choice! Virtual Escape Rooms are innovative and incorporate entertainment for an enjoyable bonding day.

7) Virtual Food Quest

Virtual Food Quest - What to Do in Singapore

Virtual food quest is a unique team building experience. It provides your teams with a way to bond over food, but this time without visiting any restaurants or making that ordering! This program will allow you in the office or at home to visit cuisines from all over the world and learn about international dishes through zoom team building. With this activity, you will get to share about your own culture and have a good time indulging in what we all like: Food!

8) Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery Tag - What to do in Singapore

Archery Tag is a game that involves two teams firing arrows at one another, similar to dodgeball. Get hit by an arrow and you're out! Participants are all given soft-tipped arrows which will only be used to tag the opponents. However, this might need to stay on your 'What to do in Singapore' list for a bit given the pandemic situation. People who enjoy physical activities can try this once the restrictions on gathering are lifted.

9) Cosmic Bowling

Challenge your team members to a friendly competition of bowling amongst the captivating neon lights! Separate into teams and bowl as much you can and compete to see who gets the highest scores. Get ready for an intense workout with your teammates by challenging each other to some friendly competition. Practice accuracy and skill in this indoor game that emphasises both of these skills and be sure to give it all you've got!

What to Do in Singapore

So, here are some of the activities that can you do with your friends, school or company that will help everyone feel like they've bonded and learned something new about themselves. What activity sounds most appealing to your group? Let us know by booking the event with us!

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