What Are The Benefits Of Terrarium Making?

October 31, 2018
Team Building Games Singapore

Terrarium Making Workshop is a recent initiative to the Team Building industry. What are Terrariums you may ask? They are essentially glass bowls filled with earthly resources such as soil, plants and rocks. In our Terrarium Making Workshops, participants simply have to decorate and design their Terrariums to their personal preference, and bask in their creations at the end of the day. While the activity may sound rather idle, it’s actually a fantastic way to bond with your friends or colleagues, and is especially suitable for those who aren’t into running around and breaking a sweat.

If you’re unconvinced in picking a Terrarium Making Workshop for your next Team Building event or for any other occasions, allow me to list down the many benefits of attending one. I am optimistic that after you’re done reading this article, you would be hurrying to try out a session!

1. A Boost In Creativity

Here at Team Building Games, we fully encourage our participants to maximize their creative capabilities and to portray their artistic side. Participants will also not feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in the non-judgemental setting that we strictly imposed in our sessions. Unlike traditional art, Terrarium Making does not require any unique aesthetic talent. We provide a variety of appealing decors from coloured sands and rocks to different textured mosses to allow you to experiment around in your designs. You can also think out of the box when it comes to decorating your Terrarium if you desire to stand out from the crowd.

2. Create A Living Art

As participants are allowed to bring home their creations, you can placed your Terrarium at any area of your house as a living art. For the Holiday Season, you can also hang Terrariums as Christmas ornaments. If you participate in our Team Building Package, you and your colleagues can placed the Terrarium that your team has created together in the office. It not only acts as a reminder of the bonding times, but also beautifies the office area and makes it more welcoming and inspiring.

3. Therapeutic and Health Benefits

Terrariums are jam-packed with therapeutic benefits that will improve your personal well-being. As Terrariums are filled with plants, they are natural humidifiers that aid in purifying the toxic air that comes with living in an urban environment. Participating in our Terrarium Making Workshop also provides an opportunity to unwind and de-stress, which reduces anxiety and improves cardiovascular fitness along the way. Considering the hectic lifestyle we lead in Singapore, attending a Terrarium Making Workshop could be a solution to increasing our quality of life.

4. Bonding

It’s considered a Team Building event for a reason. In our Terrarium Making Workshop, participants will be grouped and seated into teams of 4 to 5. This creates a more intimate surrounding where participants are able to mingle and interact in a more meaningful manner. If you work in a closed office space or a strict corporate environment, this is also the rare time to have fun alongside your friends and colleagues and to be yourself. At the end of the session, I am guaranteed that you’ll be and feel closer to your working pals.

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