5 Amazing Virtual Team Games For Everyone In Australia To Try.

December 21, 2021
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Virtual Team

Virtual Team
Virtual Team

Do you want to have a fun and different Virtual Team Building Australia experience with your friends or coworkers from the comfort of your own home? The Amazing Race and Virtual Escape Room are fantastic alternatives!

Participants in this first and only Virtual Escape Room were immersed in a completely immersive virtual world with engaging narrative arcs and complex riddles.

So, what do you have to lose? Here are some of the Virtual Team Building Australia -Virtual Amazing Race And Other Escape Room Themes that you should try!

1. Virtual Amazing Race

The Virtual Amazing Race is a virtual reality journey that allows you to visit different locations from the comfort of your own home. Players will collaborate to achieve the best score and see who can finish the game first. Prepare to solve riddles and challenges while playing the game! Because of this, you'll be able to apply critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration skills in a virtual environment. As a result, it will be a fantastic virtual team building experience for you and your teammates!

2. Curse Of The Werewolf

Do you want to teach your employees about a dark fantasy theme? Take on the persona of your village head ancestors and carry out your obligation to cure your community of the hex after dark! At night, malevolent werewolves erupted into a peaceful little hamlet, slaughtering its people. Many people have been murdered, and the region has never been free of anxiety. People were scared of everything, particularly the dark, assaults, and even the unknown. Collaborate with your pals to rebuild peace in your neighborhood once more!

3. Virtual Gold Heist

The "Elite British Special Air Service" is a fascinating and thrilling Virtual Escape Room theme that you should definitely try. Make your own money heist with your friends. In this game, you and your teammates must break into a bank and collect as much money as possible using only a few notes scrawled on a blueprint. Are you prepared to make some money? Journey into the catacombs, seize the riches, and flee before it's too late. As you play through the game, the vaults will become more difficult to access; so plan ahead of time by deciding which way to go and when to depart!

4. Virtual Jack’s Hangover

Feel the loss of memory as you try to recall events from the previous night but have no recollection of it. With your friends, play the most recent Virtual Escape Room scenario. Assist the protagonist in recovering his memory after a night of drinking. When Jack awakes in this game, he appears to have a loss of memory and a severe headache. Investigate where Jack has been and book his next trip, but don't forget to investigate!

5. Virtual Time’s Ticking

Time's Ticking is the newest Virtual Escape Room game in Australia. This is a wonderful method to spend quality time with your pals. It's time to defuse the bomb! A concerned individual has phoned the cops and stated that he will destroy the city if his demands aren't met. It's up to you and your friends to figure out who the murderer is and stop him from doing it! In this challenging game, you must collaborate to eliminate the hazard! The clock is ticking, and a lot of people's lives are in your hands!

6. Virtual Time Travel

You must travel back in time in order to advance in the End Game. You'll have to solve difficulties from several time zones while bonding with your buddies. In our take on Time Travel, you will be sent on a one-way trip to demonstrate how crucial you are in inheriting your uncle's scientific breakthrough. Start the time machine by finding relics in many time zones and opening treasure chests. In this game, you'll be tested on your logical thinking skills as well as your communication abilities.

Virtual Team

If you're looking for some fun Virtual Team Building Australia activities with your pals or coworkers, we hope this Escape Rooms for Virtual Team Building Australia article has been of help. Now that you've chosen a theme, you may select one subject to attempt in your next escape room! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have not yet decided on an game.

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