Things To Do To Celebrate The Upcoming Lunar New Year

January 23, 2019
Team Building Games Singapore

While Christmas trees are stored away, lanterns and other Chinese New Year ornaments are being placed. It's a busy period, with only less than two weeks now before we don on our new clothes and heading from houses to houses with oranges stuffed in our hands or bags. You may even feel the buzz of people rushing around and doing some last minute shopping for reunion dinners and house visits. Most of this 'stress' is joy-fueled, but it's also crucial to take time off and spend precious time with your friends and loved ones. As such, here are 3 activities available in Singapore that you can engage in to escalate the mood of the New Year.

Art Jamming

No need for good creative skills to participate in our Art Jamming classes. Our sessions not only take place in a non-judgemental environment, but we also supply additional materials such as a colour guide and images that you can emulate to ensure that you'll be satisfied with the picture-perfect artwork! While we would recommend hosting the sessions at our very own Headquarters, which is air-conditioned and could cater up to 80 people, we also provide other locations for your convenience. Once your artwork is completed, simply bring it back home or to your office and display it! At just $32/pax, we offer one of, if not the most, affordable Art Jamming classes in Singapore.


When we're all busy and exhausted from the heavy workload we faced in our daily lives, we could embrace nature for a change to declutter the mind. Our Terrarium-Making workshop is purposefully conducted in a cooling and relaxing environment where you'll get to enjoy designing your Terrarium with friends and colleagues. It's incredibly straightforward, and there's no requirement for any designing skills to make your Terrarium beautiful. Since we're the only company in Singapore to offer Figurine collections for our Terrarium-Making workshop, you have a plethora of figurines to choose from. For this Chinese New Year, we have brought in some unique ornaments to complement the New Year mood.

Leather Crafting

Need a new coin purse or key holder for the New Year? Well, instead of purchasing it from stores, why not make one yourself with our Leather-Crafting workshop? It's easy, and you can customize it to whatever you desire. Now with better-quality leather material, you can have your pick of either a light or dark coloured leather. Don't worry, there will be professionally-trained facilitators on site during the session to guide you along the way, and you'll be seated alongside your teammates. It's all about learning from one another, while getting to luxuriate in the tranquil surrounding.

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