Choosing The Best Team Building Company In Singapore

July 30, 2021
Team Building Games Singapore

Team Building Company In Singapore

There are numerous Team Building Companies to pick from in Singapore, and many firms find it difficult to determine the best one.

Team building is essential for any business because it fosters an environment for team members to feel connected, valued, and energized.

Hence, in this blog post, we would like to recommend our major team building company in Singapore, The Fun Empire, and describe some fascinating team building activities in Singapore that they offer.

But before you proceed to read, let's check out some other amazing team building activities that are not listed here.

All About The Fun Empire

Team Building Company In Singapore - the fun empire
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire® is one of the world's most creative and entertaining event and team building firms.

They create fantastic activities such as Saber Tag®, Bubble Bump™, Combat Archery Tag, and others to make a difference in people's lives.

They specialize in team building corporate events in Singapore of all sizes, providing completely tailored experiences to meet your requirements.

Furthermore, they offer specialized services such as birthday parties for every age range, which other businesses do not.

To increase employee performance, The Fun Empire uses bonding through play.

They create and deliver corporate team building games, virtual team bonding activities, and unique team building workshops to excite, encourage, or inspire participants.

Their participatory and memorable experiences contribute to the creation of a joyful environment in which coworkers can bond as they face new difficulties together.

Furthermore, they believe that their emphasis on teamwork and fun during games will assist your staff to build a respect for your collaborative efforts and raise their awareness of the importance of collaboration for success.

Virtual Team Building Singapore

We have collated a few popular online team building games in Singapore that The Fun Empire offers below.

1) Virtual Escape Room

Team Building Company In Singapore - virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

With Singapore's first Virtual Escape Room Experience, The Fun Empire invites you on an expanding adventure.

In order to finish the task, players are immersed in a web-based virtual environment where they would solve tough puzzles.

For remote teams, this Escape Room creates a fun setting that stimulates conversation and knowledge exchange.

As a result, this is one of the team building games that helped The Fun Empire become Singapore's top team building company.

2) Virtual Amazing Race

Team Building Company In Singapore - virtual amazing race
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire is Singapore's leading team development organization, well recognized for providing the city-unique state's Virtual Amazing Race Experience.

Their one-of-a-kind race, planned by specialists and built on their unique platform, will keep teams stimulated with intriguing challenges and improve communication via online while raising morale.

3) Virtual Time Travel

Team Building Company In Singapore - virtual time travel
The Fun Empire

Following that, The Fun Empire is pleased to present the world's first Virtual Time Travel experience.

In this activity, you and your team use revolutionary technology and a distinctive plot to solve the complex puzzles in a virtual environment.

The Fun Empire's game designers have created a fantastic escape room theme where you will be brought through different timezones - one that you won't find anywhere else!

4) Virtual Food Quest

Team Building Company In Singapore - virtual food quest
The Fun Empire

Do you keep up with the current cuisine trends? If so, The Fun Empire's Virtual Food Quest is a fun way to spend time with your coworkers.

Learn about various cuisines from around the world and stock up on ingredients for the Ultimate Ninja Dish.

Creative Team Building Workshops

In addition to virtual team bonding activities, The Fun Empire offers a variety of creative workshops for you to enjoy with your friends/colleagues!

1) Terrarium Workshop

Team Building Company In Singapore - terrarium workshop
The Fun Empire

You have two alternatives for this terrarium workshop: virtual terrarium workshops or physical terrarium workshops.

Learn how to make your own terrarium and how to decorate it with colourful sand and charming sculptures.

These workshops in Singapore will meet your various team building requirements.

Participants in a terrarium workshop get to share their creations with colleagues and discuss the design decisions they made at the end of the course.

This class is ideal for an indoor team building activity that will bring your entire team together for a creative and pleasant bonding opportunity.

In addition, team leaders get to keep all of the terrariums they create!

2) Art Jamming Workshop

Team Building Company In Singapore - art jamming workshop
The Fun Empire

There are 4 ways you can art jam, namely individual art jamming, group art jamming, neon art jamming and tote bag art jamming.

Each art jamming session allows participants to produce a masterpiece that they can take home or back to their office.

This project can be done individually, with each participant drawing and painting their own artwork.

It can also be accomplished in groups, as all participants work together to make a larger artwork.

Art Jamming will enable you and your coworkers to eliminate stress at work in combination with calming background music.

This is also an excellent choice for small groups such as birthdays, hen nights, weddings, bachelor parties or carnivals.

3) Leather Workshop

Team Building Company In Singapore - leather workshop
The Fun Empire

Leather Workshop is an engaging experience that Leather Workshop is a fun event that combines leather production abilities with creativity.

Participants will learn about the qualities of leather, have the opportunity to trace, cut out, craft, and assemble their own parts, and then create items such as a coin purse or key FOB to keep or give as gifts.

If you're searching for something out of the ordinary, Leather Workshop is a terrific team building activity that you should try with your colleagues!

4) Clay Making Workshop

Team Building Company In Singapore - clay making workshop
The Fun Empire

Learn the fundamentals of sculpting air-dry clay, from basic sculptures to complex figures, at The Fun Empire's Clay Making Workshop.

This workshop is ideal for groups that want to bond while also expressing their creativity.

Choose from a range of clay figurines and personalize the experience to your liking - The Fun Empire can make it just right for you!

Team Bonding Activities Singapore

As the pandemic is still occurring, we do not recommend that you participate in events that need you to be physically present.

However, The Fun Empire continues to offer similar games, and you should consider them if the situation improves.

You could even combine some of these activities to create a 1 day team building program.

1) Ninja Tag

Team Building Company In Singapore - ninja tag
The Fun Empire

Interested in being a ninja and outwitting your opponents?

You can now do it with Ninja Tag, a team-building game that uses foam ninjas and points-scoring vests in a close-combat manner.

Select from a variety of gameplays to gain access to fascinating challenges!

2) Bullet Ball

Team Building Company In Singapore - bullet ball
The Fun Empire

Have you ever played a faster and more exciting version of Dodgeball?

Bullet Ball, developed by The Fun Empire, is a unique team-building game in Singapore. It's a low-cost alternative that will make your event unforgettable!

Try this game if you're looking for a team-building exercise that will appeal to both children and adults.

If you like, you can play it in your office's conference room!

3) Poolball

Team Building Company In Singapore - poolball
The Fun Empire

On the world's largest pool table, you may play a variety of games such as Poolball Classic and Poolball Sabotage.

Poolball is excellent for team building since it requires both strategic collaboration and communication abilities.

The game can fit both small and large teams and provides a challenge to players of all ages.

4) Saber Tag

Team Building Company In Singapore - saber tag
The Fun Empire

Saber Tag is a revolutionary team-based gaming idea that blends fighting sabers with proprietary electronic scoring vest technology, making it the first of its type in Asia and maybe the globe.

Players (also known as Saber Taggers) don these scoring vests and wield glowing combat sabers to participate in a range of exciting game missions against their friends and coworkers in a fun and safe environment.

The game is appropriate for people of all ages and is ideal for a variety of occasions.

Team Building Company In Singapore

Many organizations nowadays are seeking for innovative ways to generate revenue while also improving the working conditions of their employees.

Team building activities are one way for businesses to do this, but finding the proper team building firm in Singapore is not always straightforward.

We hope that this article has provided you with some insights into The Fun Empire, Singapore's premier team building company, and that it has assisted you in deciding what type of activities to include in your next corporate team building event.

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