Laser Tag Singapore: The Best Team Building Activity

July 29, 2021
Team Building Games Singapore

Laser Tag Singapore

Are you looking for something fun to do with your team? If so, then Laser Tag is the perfect activity! Playing Laser Tag allows the players to work together and strategize as a team. It also helps build trust between teammates. After the game, players will have more confidence in themselves and their teammates. Plus, it's an exciting game that everyone enjoys. Get out of the office for a day and bond with your colleagues by booking Laser Tag Singapore: The Best Team Building Activity! For related articles:

Type of Games

1) Free for All

Laser Tag Singapore - Team Building

Never played Laser Tag? Familiarise yourself with the Laser Tag gun and the field by playing Free for All, a warm-up game where players are to shoot as many people as possible. Respawn is limitless for this lasertag game and no points are awarded for this stage. This game only lasts for 5 minutes, so just shoot let loose and your heart's content!

2) Domination

Laser Tag Singapore - Team Building

In Domination, you will no longer have infinite respawns. This style of gameplay is more competitive as well so you should start breaking the ice and communicate with your teammates. A team is awarded the victory when they have eliminated every player from the opposing team. If neither teams are successful in doing so, the team with more remaining players after the time limit will win. For players who seem to keep failing at shooting, the defence might be the best offence.

3) Mission Impossible

In addition to eliminating your opponents, you are required to find pieces of a puzzle scattered around your opponent’s base. One can be shot while hunting for these pieces, as sneakily-remaining opponents may be aiming at you from behind their barricades. Your team will also need to dedicate time to solving the puzzle which makes you vulnerable to your opponents.

4) Capture the Flag

Laser Tag Singapore - Team Building

A Laser Tag game made more interesting: the aim would be to eliminate your opponents or snatch their flags. Each team has five flags and players are allowed into enemy territory one at a time. If a player is eliminated while carrying a flag, the flag is to be dropped on the spot and other team members may continue from there.

Game Modes

1. Neon Laser Tag Singapore

Neon Laser Tag - Laser Tag Singapore

A hip laser tag game that is popular with all ages. Neon Laser Tag Singapore is a mode to be enjoyed indoors with the lights off using glow-in-the-dark guns and vests. The dark venue with laser tag adds to the difficulty of finding your opponents. This game mode will improve teamwork skills as you and your team strategize together to complete objectives, working out communication in order to eliminate other teams.

2. Outdoor Laser Tag

Laser Tag Singapore - Team Building

Sweat out as you play Laser Tag Singapore under the sun. The typical game is played outdoors and many like to play laser tag at East Coast. Playing outdoors gives room for running across a huge area. With the larger playing area, players will also have more hiding locations such as behind shops and trees - all to be arranged before the game start - with exceptions like the toilet. Book with the Laser Tag Singapore and equipment for mobile set-ups will be provided.

3. Indoor Laser Tag

Laser tag can also be played indoors. It could be played in indoor sports halls or within a building with a few levels allocated as playing space. Book with The Fun Empire at recommended locations such as The Cage @ Kallang, Yishun Futsal Arena, and Premier Pitch. If you're looking for air-conditioned places, The Fun Empire also has its Headquarters and Hyperspace available for indoor laser tag Singapore. Or simply set up a laser tag game in your office or school building if you're open to the idea of cleaning up after!

Laser Tag Singapore

After learning about Laser Tag, are you willing to give it a try? You can play it for team-building or simply for fun as a birthday party event. If you don't like this activity, there is still plenty for you to choose from:

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