Hate Exercising But Want To Keep Fit? You Might Find Saber Fit To Your Liking.

November 1, 2018
Team Building Games Singapore

SaberFit® is Team Building Games' pride and joy. We knew how taxing and dreadful exercising can be so we came up with the concept of combining technology and fitness to develop a one-of-a-kind exercise program to inspire and motivate people to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. 

How SaberFit® came along is a fascinating story. Ryan and Natasha, co-founders of Team Building Games, were simply playing around with lighted combat sabers and experimenting with various dueling tricks when they realized that their actions could be formed into a workout that increases the heart rate without being too strenuous and physically demanding. Considering that the workout is suitable for everyone and anyone, and looking at the popularity surrounding science-fiction movies such as Star Wars, Team Building Games thus decided to market out SaberFit® as a fitness routine targeted towards both children and adults. It's an engaging program that allows you to break a sweat yet enjoy and have fun alongside your friends and family!

One of the greatest perks of participating in our Saber Fit classes is that it could take place both indoors and outdoors, meaning that regardless of rain or shine, participants will not be denied the chance of keeping in shape! Now, we know how Singapore's scorching heat and high humidity could make exercising displeasing. It has even been scientifically proven that an inspiring and pleasing setting could motivate participants to exercise harder and in a more efficient manner. As such, we provide customers the choice to select from our range of locations, from sheltered areas to air-conditioned rooms, to ensure that they are fully comfortable in their work out environments.

Our Saber Fit fitness program is also fuss-free! The only equipment you'll need is neon combat sabers which we'll provide during the session. All you have to do is don on proper sports attire and possess a cheery attitude, and we'll handle the rest! Simply follow our cardio routine and you'll be sure to burn off 600+ calories in just under an hour! If you are not confident in your stamina or ability to participate in a high-intensity workout, no fret! Team Building Games is highly adaptable, and we are able to alter the program to your specific needs and requirements! At the end of the day, we want all our customers to be engaged and safe in participating in our activities!

We have repeated this many times, but we strongly believe that mentally and physically healthier employees are solutions to a more productive and effective workforce. This is why SaberFit® is a fantastic event for Corporate Bondings or even Family Days with the children. Not only does our workout provides an opportunity for participants to have a full-body toning experience and lose weight, but it also allows participants to bond together with their family, friends and colleagues in an uncompetitive environment. Being constantly stuck in the office is no way the path to a wholesome lifestyle, so it's time to escape from facing the usual four walls and imagine yourself fighting in the galaxy! 

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