5 Basic Tips Before Making Your Own DIY Candle

June 3, 2022
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DIY Candle
DIY Candle

DIY Candle

Candle making is a difficult craft to learn. There are several candle-making tips on the internet, but it's difficult to know which ones are good. That's why we've put up this blog post with 5 tips for your first DIY candle making!

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1. Set Up Your Work Area

Cleaning wax that has dried on the floor is not the easiest thing to do. You want to make sure you have covered the floor with newspaper to avoid getting wax on your floor or carpet. If you are working over a table, make sure you protect that with paper, as well. Also check if you have all the necessary tools and materials in your candle making kit.

2. Get The Right Measurements

Before you begin candle making, make sure that you know how much wax and wick you will need. This can be done by measuring the circumference of your candle mold in inches and multiplying it by the height which is usually somewhere between ¼ inch and ½ an inch (0.25 to 0.50). Multiply this number by the number of candle layers you want. The standard candle making guidelines recommend no more than four layers as it will make for a less stable candle and makes candle dipping much longer.

3. Get Your Mold Release Ready

Before candle making, you need to get your candle mold release ready. We recommend using a cold process soap for this step and wiping it on with a paper towel or rag. You don't want the candle release applied too heavily, but it needs to be enough so that when you pour in your candle wax mixture, there is no residue left behind and your candle will turn out in the shape you want it to be.

4. Select Your Scent

You must be sure that the fragrance you want to use is suitable to be used in a candle. Not all scents are compatible with the wax! If your favourite perfume is not compatible with the wax, it will not smell the way you intended it to. You must choose fragrances that are compatible. For example, scented oils are great for beginners!

5. Do Not Add Too Much Scent

Candle making guidelines say that adding too much scent to your candle is not a good idea. If you add too much, the candle will smell strongly at first and then as time goes on it won't be as noticeable due to being overpowered by the candle's natural fragrance.

DIY Candle

Now that you know the 5 tips for your first DIY candle making, go ahead and get started! Candle making is a fun and easy way to relax while also creating something beautiful. These tips should help you create a successful candle without any problems. Be sure to have fun with it!

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