Creative Team-Building Activities For Small Groups

February 20, 2019
Team Building Games Singapore

There's a common misconception that team-building activities could only be played by large groups of participants. I am here to tell you that's absolutely false. The sole purpose of team-building is to, well, build up team camaraderie and cohesion between the participants, regardless of whether it consists of a large or small group. Here at Team Building Games, we have catered both large-scale events to private gatherings among friends and colleagues. While there are certain games which we would recommend to bring along at least 8 to 10 people minimum due to the overall gameplay, there are activities offered which could perfectly cater to a small demographic. As such, if you are planning to host a team-building/ice-breaker event and you have a smaller team than usual, take this as a guide.

Art Jamming

When staff members from Aon approached us for an Art Jamming session, we were incredibly honored. What's great about having a smaller team is that participants are provided the opportunity to interact more closely, forming stronger relationships. Our Art Jamming sessions are held in a non-judgemental and cozy environment, allowing you and other teammates to bond through art, and to fully concentrate on doing up your masterpiece. At the end of the day, the art piece would be brought back and you can either placed it in shelves and desks of your office or home. A sentimental item to remember your team-building day out.

Flower Arrangement

Contrary to societal belief, flowers aren't just favoured by girls. They're meant for everyone and anyone! A colourful, bright and sweet-smelling bouquet would instantly brighten up someone's day, and when used as a decorative item at offices or homes, it would also create a more welcoming and jovial environment. Our Flower Arrangement workshop would allow participants to enjoy a session with a professionally-trained florist, who would guide and assists you and your teammates in constructing an attractive floral piece. Unwind after a hard day's work and liven up the mood with nature.


Pretty much everyone of us has owned a leather good in our lives, but how about a leather good entirely made by our own hands, DIY style? It's not something we may have thought to be possible, but here at Team Building Games, we not only make it simple but also fuss-free when it comes to crafting your very own leather items. Our Leather-Making workshop allows you and your teammates to create 1 keychain, and a luggage tag or coin purse to your choosing. The material we provide is of high-quality, ensuring that your leather goods do not spoil easily. It takes place in a non-stressful environment, where participants get to interact outside of the regular working surrounding.

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